can i create repeating reservations?

When reserving a resource, it may be necessary to establish a repeating reservation over a period of time. In these cases, you may do so if the facility has enabled the Repeating event functionality in the iLab application.

Step 1: Reserve a resource

After selecting the resource calendar you want to use, click and drag on the calendar to select the desired time and date.  Before setting up the reservation details, you may be prompted to select the appropriate lab from the dropdown box and click Next. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Select the appropriate lab to create a reservation.

The reservation form will display.

Step 2: Select repeating reservation

To create a repeating reservation, click on the Enabled button under the Repeating event section. When you check this box, the options for a repeating reservation will display. You may define how often it occurs (daily, weekly, monthly, and on what selected days) and how many times it occurs (by number or end date). (Figure 2)

Figure 2: Select when and how often you want the event to occur.

Step 3: Complete and save

Fill in the rest of the reservation form details and click Save Reservation.  Once you click on save, depending on the number of reservations that you have scheduled, it may take few moments to save all reservations.  You will receive a message that the system is creating the reservations (Figure 3). The reservations will be added in the background and you can move on to your next task in iLab.

Figure 3: You will receive a confirmation when your reservations are complete.

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