Can I Reserve multiple resources at One Time?

When reserving a resource, you may need to reserve another resource or resources with it. In these cases, you may do so if the facility has enabled the multiple resource functionality in the iLab application.

Step 1: Reserve a resource

After selecting the resource calendar you want to use, click and drag on the calendar to select the desired time and date.  Before setting up the reservation details, you may be prompted to select the appropriate lab from the dropdown box and click Next. (Figure 1) 

Figure 1: Select appropriate lab and click Next.

The reservation details form will display.

Step 2: Reserve time on linked schedule

To link appropriate resources, check Reserve under the Reserve time on a linked schedule section. When you check this box, the resources that are available to link will display. Check the resource you wish to link, then complete the rest of the form. (Figure 2) 

Figure 2: Check the resources you wish to link.

When you click Save Reservation, the resource calendar will display the new reservation in solid color, and the linked resource will be displayed in a shadow or “ghost” color. (Figure 3) 

In the below image, the Dissecting Microscope event is the linked or child reservation.

Figure 3: Linked resources will be displayed in a shadow or "ghost" color.

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