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Before you contact iLab Support...

Before using any of the methods below to contact iLab Support, please check if your institution requires users to first contact their internal IT support desk.

Leave a Support Ticket through the ilab system

STEP 1: Click on Help.

To access the iLab helpsite, submit a new ticket, and view open tickets all from the HELP button at the top right of the screen.

Figure 1: Click on Help to access links.

STEP 2: Submit a ticket.

Within the HELP window, you can submit a new support ticket by filling in the Support topic and What is your question or problem? fields and clicking Submit ticket.  You can also Add Attachments. (Figure 1)

When a ticket has been submitted, a notification will briefly display in the HELP window letting you know that the support team will be reviewing and getting back to you.  An automated email will be sent from TeamSupport letting you know that the ticket has been received.  Included in the email will be the ticket number and a link to where they can view the new ticket.

How do I view my support tickets?

When you click on HELP in the iLab application, click on My Tickets to view any submitted tickets.  Note that any tickets submitted in the old ticketing system will be available under Tickets Archive.

Once you click on My Tickets you will be redirected to the Team Support portal to view you support tickets.  Click on the ticket name to view the ticket history or leave a comment on the ticket.

Figure 2: You may view your support tickets by clicking the Help link.

On the ticket view, see the ticket summary, view a history of comments and leave a comment.

Figure 3: Add a comment to a service request.

When you leave a comment you can add a message, a new attachment and even a recording of this issue.

Figure 4: Add details, attachments and recordings.

When a comment is added an email will be sent to the intended recipient whether it is the ticket owner or the iLab support team.