how do i confirm publications in publication tracker?

If your institution administrator allows, core managers can confirm publication contributions. Depending on options that are enabled, you may see buttons that allow you to Wait for confirmation or confirm now. Selecting Wait will result in authors of the publication being presented with an interface when they next log in where they can confirm the contribution. (Figure 1) 

Figure 1: Pending institution controlled settings, you may be able to select Wait (for an author to confirm your facilities contribution) or Confirm Now to confirm your facility's contribution to a publication.

If you’re not sure whether or not an individual of facility contributed to a publication, change the contribution from Yes or No to Don’t Know. Another author or manager can then indicate whether there was a contribution and whether or not it’s confirmed.If a publication has already been confirmed, the name of the person who confirmed the publication will be printed in the Confirmed By column. (Figure 2) 1283

Figure 2: View the user that confirmed the facility's contribution to a publication.

Click on Save Contributors to save any changes you have made to the record.

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