how do i review contributions on a query?

STEP 1: Run your query.

From the Publication Tracker interface, run your query by clicking on the green arrow to the right of your chosen query. (Figure 1) 

Figure 1: To run the query, click the green arrow.

Executing a query returns a paginated list of publications from pubmed that match the dynamic and custom query parameters you set (Figure 2). High-level information is displayed for each publication, including:


  1. The publication title

  2. A hyperlink to the source of the publication (in this version, to pubmed)

  3. A link to toggle the abstract of the article

  4. The journal and bibliographic information about the publication

  5. A list of all publication authors

Figure 2: High-level information is displayed for each publication in the query results.

STEP 2: Select the appropriate contribution designation. (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Select contribution options to determine if a paper should be further investigated or ignored.

Ignore the publication

Selecting this option will simply add the publication to the Ignored Publications list for this particular publication query. This allows you to create multiple publication queries and ignore publications on one query but not another. By selecting Ignore publication, you’re not committing to declaring whether or not your core contributed to the publication. (Figure 4) 

Figure 4: Select to ignore publication to remove it from the review list.

You can un-ignore a publication which has previously been ignored and you can see all ignored publications by clicking on the Ignored Publications tab. Also note that when you ignore a publication it’s per user. If two managers log in and use the same publication query, each will have their own list of ignored publications. (Figure 5) 

Figure 5: View the list of the ignored publications.

Indicate that your core did not contribute to the publication

If looking at the publication you realize that your core did not contribute to the publication, you can simply click the Core did not contribute button. This adds an entry to the iLab database. If you’ve configured your publication query to ignore publications to which you don’t have a contribution, you will not be presented this publication the next time you run your query. (Figure 6) 

Figure 6: Indicate that the facility did not contribute to the publication.

Review contributors

If you believe that the publication is relevant to your core, click the Review Contributors button. This will execute a series of queries that will attempt to map iLab users with the authors listed on the publication. It will also allow you to indicate author’s contribution types as well as your core’s contribution time (‘contributorship’ and ‘acknowledgment’ are considered formal terms). (Figure 7) 

Figure 7: Review and update the list of publications your facility contributed to.

After reviewing a publication and saving contributors, these contributions will be visible in the overview information for that publication. Further review of the publication can be done at any point. (Figure 8) 

Figure 8: Review and update publication and contributor details.

Note: A checkmark will display in green if you’ve already indicated that your core has contributed to a publication, whether or not the contribution has been confirmed. The icon displays in the upper-right-hand-corner of the publication record so that you can easily tell whether there is a connection to your facility.  (Figure 9) 

Figure 9: The green check indicates that you have already indicated that the facility has contributed to the publication.

Advanced tools for identifying contributors

There are several advanced features within the interface that can afford you time-savings down the road.

Accessing additional author information

By default the Institution to which the identified iLab user belongs will display. To see more information about that user, hover over the information icon (i) to the left of the author name. You will see the name of the lab they belong to, their email address as well as other information that can help you confirm that it’s the correct author. (Figure 10) 

Figure 10: view additional author information for iLab users.

Adding unrecognized authors

There are authors that we may not be able to match to iLab user accounts. If you wish to help add to the list of authors with positive matches in iLab, you can click the link labeled show list… next to Do you recognize any of these missing authors? (Figure 11) 

Figure 11: Show the list of missing authors from the iLab database.

If you see a name that you recognize, click on the “+” icon next to the person’s name - it will insert the name in a search field where you can attempt to modify the entry and find the correct user. (Figure 12) 

Figure 12: Select the author's name of the publication if available in the search results.

Creating contributions for other facilities you manage

If you manage other core facilities, you can add contributions for those other core facilities. This can help save time if you manage multiple facilities. To do this, click on the button with the + icon and the other core name. (Figure 13) 

Figure 13: Add other facilities you manage to your publication query.

Confirming publications

If your institution administrator allows, core managers can confirm publication contributions. If options are enabled, you will see buttons that allow you to Wait for confirmation or confirm now. When you aren’t allowed to confirm contribution, you will see neither of the two options. Selecting Wait will result in authors of the publication being presented with an interface when they next log in where they can confirm the contribution. (Figure 14)

Figure 14: Confirm the facilities contribution or select wait to request an author to confirm the contribution.

If you’re not sure whether or not an individual of facility contributed to a publication, change the contribution from Yes or No to Don’t Know. Another author or manager can then indicate whether there was a contribution and whether or not it’s confirmed.

If a publication has already been confirmed, the name of the person who confirmed the publication will be printed in the Confirmed By column. (Figure 15) 

Figure 15: View the name of the individual that had confirmed the facilities contribution to the publication.

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