Can I print request details?

The iLab application provides you with the ability to print information about your project without having to contact the core staff to get this information.  

You may choose which elements to include on your printout. They include:

  •  Overview: Lists general information about the request, requests owner and contacts.
  • Payment Information: Details of all the payment information that was entered with the request.
  • Charges: Itemized list of all charges associated with the request.
  • Milestones: Lists all events that have been identified as milestones for the project. Milestones are important landmark events that are defined by the core facility to complete the project.
  • Forms: Prints all form details that are related to the project.
  • Samples: If you use sample management functionality, a list of your samples will display here.
  • Comments: Displays all comments entered via the comment/email functionality within the service request.
  • Attachment List: List all files that have been attached to the request.
  • History: Lists all activity on the service request, from creation to invoice.
  • Contact Information: Contains phone numbers, email address and address of the service request owner.

See Figure 4 for additional information.

Step 1: Access your requests

You may access your service requests by clicking the Review My Requests tab from the core's home page. The blue arrow on the left side of the request expands the data. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: The Review My Requests tab allows you to view all your requests.

Step 2: Click on the print icon

Click on the actions icon on the right. (Figure 2)

Figure 2:  Click on the action icon to print the service request.

A list of available actions displays in a pop-up window. Click Print to see print options. (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Many actions are available by clicking this icon. Select the print action.

Step 3: Select which details you would like to display

Select which elements you would like to display on your printout. You may select one element, all elements, or any amount in between. (Figure 4)

Figure 4: Now, select the elements of the service request you wish to print by clicking the box to the left. Then select whether you wish to display the results in a web page or as a .pdf.

Then, select how you would like the data displayed. You  may choose .pdf or on the web.

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