How can I communicate with the core about my request?

There are two ways to communicate with the core about your request within the iLab application: the Contact Us tab, and the add comment section of the request.

On the request

To leave a comment for the core within the request, access the request from the View My Requests tab and click on the comment icon. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: From the Access Service Request tab, you may view all of your service requests. Click the comment icon to leave a comment for the core.

The email form window will display. (Figure 2) Complete the required fields and the click send message

Figure 2: Complete the email form to send an email to the core. This action will also display in the Comments and History section of the service request.

The selected recipients will then receive your email and the message will displayed under the comments section on the request view. (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Your comment now displays in the Comments section.

On the Contact Us tab

You may also use use the Contact Us tab within your core's page to contact the core. Simply navigate to your core's page, and then click the Contact Us tab. (Figure 4) Enter your question/issue in the text box provided, and click submit.

Figure 4: The Contact Us tab will open a page where you may enter your comment to the core.

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