How can I view my open requests?

To view your open service requests, log into iLab and navigate to the core's page to then click on the View My Requests tab. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: View My Requests tab will display all your requests.

To view details of the service request, click on the blue arrow to the left of the request. (Figure 2)

Figure 2: To view request details, click on the blue arrow to the left and the detail will display below.

Details of the service request will now display, including:

  • Overview: Includes customer name and contact information, projected costs, PI name, etc...
  • Payment Information: Includes all financial information, including fund codes and costs.
  • Forms and Request Details: Includes any required forms, as well as pre-defined project milestones.
  • Comments: Includes any and all comments submitted within the service request.
  • Attachments & URLs: Includes attachments like letters and quotes, as well as any pertinent websites.
  • Service Request History: Lists all activity on the service request.
  • Billing Information: Includes the billing address and contact information.

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