How do I find a core facility?

There are two primary ways to find a core facility within iLab:

  1. Browse a list of available cores by name. Click the core facilities link from the left menu to browse the directory of available cores.
  2. Search for a core by name, or search for a particular service or type of equipment. Type in to the search bar in the upper right corner to use the keyword search option.

Both these options are accessible from any page within the system.

Figure 1.  Open the core facilities left menu link to browse the list of available cores. Or type into the search bar to search by keyword for a core, equipment, or service.

How can I view and browse a directory of available cores?

Click the core facilities link from the left-menu to open the directory of available cores (Figure 2). The core facilities listings may be subdivided onto separate tabs based on a core's institutional affiliation and also based on your affiliation. Toggle the different tabs open to view the alphabetical listing of cores within each grouping.

You will see one or more of these tabs, containing the noted subset of cores:

  • Cores at my institutions - This tab displays any cores at your home institution(s) offering services through iLab.
  • Cores at partner institutions - If your home institution has identified other institutions as closely affiliated, their active cores will be listed on this tab.
  • Cores at other institutions - All other cores offering services to external customers are listed on this tab.

Figure 2.  From the core facilities page, browse the list to find and navigate to a core site. Depending on your institute, you may see multiple tabs displaying different lists of cores.

Within each tab, cores are listed alphabetically by institute (if applicable) and by core name. Use the live search field at the top of the tab to find a specific core name within that tab. The results will update as you type. Click a core's name to go to that site.

Figure 3.  Use the live search field at the top of the list of cores to more quickly find a core by name.

How do I search for a core facility, a service, or equipment?

Use the yellow search field in the top right corner of any page to search by keyword for a core facility, a particular service or equipment.* Type a keyword into the field, then click Go to search. On the search results page (Figure 4), the upper section displays results for any core facilities matching the search term. Click the core's name to go to that site for further information. Or, continue to the lower section of the search results page to see more granular results of individual services and equipment schedules matching the search term (Figure 6).

Figure 4.  Type a keyword into the search field in the top right corner to search for cores, services, or equipment available in iLab. Matches for cores display at the top of the results page; specific services and equipment display below .

Figure 5.  Requisitioning users need to select cores & services beside the search field to specify the type of search.

* Note: If your lab also uses iLab's Requisitioning platform, the search field can also be used to keyword search for requisitioning-related items such as products or assets. Select cores & services beside the search field to see results illustrated in Figures 4 and 6.

How do I refine the search results for services & equipment?

The lower section of the cores and services search results page displays services and equipment that match the keyword search term (Figure 5). Results may be from one or more cores, and hover-over color quickly distinguishes services versus equipment or other schedulable resources. To further restrict the number of results displayed, toggle open and select options in the filter panel, then click Apply Filters to refine and update the results.

Each result shows basic information to help you evaluate the available options, including: the service or equipment name, core name, institution, description (if provided by the core), and approximate starting price. Click the view schedule button on the right side of a green equipment row to go to that equipment schedule on the core's site. On a service row, click the Go to core button to open the core's site and learn more or submit a request for service.

Figure 5. Apply filters to restrict the search results for services or equipment. Each result displays the service or equipment name, description, as well as the core name and institution. Click the button on the right of a row to proceed to the core or the schedule for more information and to request service or schedule time.

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