How do I get a fund number assigned?

What is a fund number? What is it used for in iLab?

  • Fund number * refers to an internal account, grant code or payment number used between customers and cores within the same institution to pay for services.

  • At some institutions, internal customers must have a fund number assigned for their use within iLab prior to requesting core services. This process is not applicable for all customers in iLab.

  • Other customers will instead key in the appropriate payment number yourself when requesting core service.

* Note: Your institution may use a different term for the fund or payment number.

Do I need a fund number assigned to me in iLab?

Only researchers from certain institutions need a fund number assigned for their use in iLab, to request and pay for core services.

Assigned fund number not applicable if you can type your number into payment field

If you can type into an editable text box when you are prompted for payment information, no assigned fund number is needed (Figure 1). Simply follow instructions on screen to provide the appropriate number or details for payment.

Figure 1.  Type a valid number in to the payment field. Assigned fund number not needed.

Warning alert if a fund number must be assigned to you to pay for core services

An assigned fund number is required if iLab is integrated with the institution's financial system. In this scenario, valid fund numbers are sent from the institution's financial system to iLab and mapped to the appropriate lab. Funds are then assigned by an administrator to lab members for payment of services or equipment reservations. This ensures a core is provided with valid payment information prior to rendering service. It also means as a researcher you don't have to remember an exact number or type it in for each request.

Figure 2.  If you see this alert message, you need to be assigned a fund number by an administrator before you can complete the payment section.

Your institution requires a fund number assignment if you encounter a message that you do not have access to any fund numbers in the Payment Information section, as you are creating or agreeing to a service request, or creating a reservation (Figure 2).

You may be unable to submit a request or save a reservation until you have obtained a fund number. Look for an option to save as draft request to complete the submission later.

Figure 3.  Select a number from the pull-down list of fund numbers assigned to you to designate it for payment.

Once you have assigned fund numbers to use, select a fund from the pull-down list of available funds in the payment section (Figure 3).

Who can assign a fund number to me?

Typically your lab manager or administrator has access to assign fund numbers to you in iLab. The PI of the lab also has this access. For some institutions this responsibility may be restricted to an administrator of each fund number, the department, or the institution. 

Administrators, click here for instructions on assigning and managing fund numbers. 

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