How do I request a service from a core?

You must be logged in to your iLab account to submit a service request to a core. Navigate to the core's iLab site from the list all cores link in the left menu. On the core site, open the Request Services tab to view all Projects and Services offered.

From the Request Services tab:

  1. Click the request service button beside the service of interest to open the request form and initiate the submission process.
  2. Fill out all information on the subsequent form and request page.
  3. Click Save Completed Form button after completing all fields.
  4. Provide payment information when applicable.
  5. Click Submit Request to Core button at the bottom of the page to complete the submission and send to the core for processing.
  6. The core will review your request, and when applicable will provide a quote. You may be notified to approve the estimated cost before service can commence.

Step 1: Click the request service button to open the request details

On the core's Request Services tab, find the project or service of interest from the list. Click the request service button on the right to open and fill out the associated form and request details for submission.

Figure 1.  Browse available services on a core's Request Services tab. Click the request service button beside the service option of interest to initiate the submission.

Step 2: Complete the form and request details, then submit request to core

Fill out all details in the form, including any sample details, if applicable. Required fields are indicated with a red star beside the field label.

Figure 2.  To submit the request, fill out and save the form, enter valid payment information, and submit the request to the core for review and processing.

In some cases, a projected cost may be shown prior to submission, based on information you enter in the Forms and Request Details section. However, project-based requests will also often require a custom quote be generated or revised by the core staff after review of your submission. If the projected cost is adjusted by the core, you will receive an email notification and need to log in and approve the new cost before work can begin.

If you are not ready to complete the submission, you may save the request as a draft.

Contact the core staff regarding service-related questions

The core staff can generate their own forms and manage their iLab site, so please contact the core staff directly if you have any questions about the services listed on the core’s site or questions about the request form. You can either click on the Contact Us tab to leave a message for the core, or you can look at the About Our Core tab to find contact information for the facility.

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Figure 3.  Refer to the About Our Core tab for staff contact details.

Alert message in Payment Information section

Figure 4.  If you see this alert message, you need to be assigned a fund number by an administrator before you can complete the payment section. Save your request as a draft if you are unable to submit without providing a payment number.

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Step 3: Track your submission on View My Requests tab

Figure 5.  The View My Requests tab lists your submissions with the core. Key data and tools are displayed on each summary row, including the status of the request. Toggle open the request details with the blue arrow icon.

Submit a draft request later from View My Requests tab

Any request that is initially saved as a draft has the status of Waiting to Submit to Core. The core staff can not see your draft request until it is submitted. A draft request can later be completed and submitted to the core for processing from the View My Requests tab.

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