Why can't I access some cores?

Some cores in iLab choose to restrict customer access to their site, in order to better track their active customers or to ensure any prerequisite criteria for a service is met. These cores require new customers to request permission to access their site prior to working with them.

The first time you navigate to a restricted core in iLab, you will be presented with a message that This core requires additional access request to use the core, followed by a brief form submission to request access. Core staff will need to grant you access before you can see their full site and request services.

How do I request access to a core?

Step 1: Navigate to a core

  • Click the core facilities link from the left-menu to open the directory of available cores (Figure 1).
  • Browse or search for a core, then click the core name to navigate to their site.

Figure 1.  To navigate to a core site: open the core facilities page from the left menu; browse the list to find a core; click the core name to go to their site.

Step 2: Submit your access request to the core

Upon landing on a core's site that requires approval to access, you will not immediately see the core's informational and service pages. The intermediate access request page must be completed before you can view the core's site.

  1. Follow any instructions provided on screen.
  2. Type any notes or other requested information in to the text field.
  3. Click Send access request button to submit your request to the facility.
  4. Core staff will be notified by email of your request for access. Review and approval processing time by the core is typically within a business day or two, but will vary depending on the core's workload and other variables.
  5. You will receive an email notification once the core grants you access to their site.

Figure 2.  When you land on a core site with restricted access, type a note containing requested information, then click Send access request to notify the core or your request to access their site.

How do I contact the core after submitting my request for access?

While awaiting approval from the core to gain access, you have limited access to their site. You will see a Notice message at the top of the core's site indicating that your access is still pending. The basic informational About Our Core page is visible in the interim. This page typically includes an overview of services provided by the core, location, and a Contacts section for details of how to get in touch with the core.

Most cores who require access requests on their site will promptly process new requests. If you urgently need to communicate with the facility while awaiting access, look for their preferred contact option provided on the About Our Core page. A primary contact email or phone number is typically provided on this page along with additional facility information and instructions on how to contact the facility staff.

Figure 3.  Contact details and other basic information is typically provided on the About Our Core page, which is accessible while you are awaiting access.

What happens when a core approves my request to access their site?

The core will typically choose to send you a basic notification email from iLab when they approve your request to access their site. This email will include a link so you can quickly navigate to the core and get started working with them. Once you are granted access to a core's site, one or more additional tabs will become visible, depending on the core's structure. Browse the tabs of the core's site to learn about services offered by the facility and to initiate work with them.

Typical tabs* and example content on a core's site may include:

  • About Our Core - view general information about the core, including location, contact details
  • Scheduling - list of available equipment and descriptions; view calendars to reserve time on equipment or other resource use; training requirements may apply
  • Request Services / Projects / Products - browse available service-based offerings, including descriptions and prices; submit requests for projects / services / products (often involves completing a request form)
  • View My Requests / Orders - review the status of your requests with the core; add comments to a specific request; update payment information
  • Contact Us - send a general message in iLab to the core contact

*Note that tab names and specific content can be configured by each core, but generally have a consistent type of content across sites.

Figure 4.  Additional tabs will be accessible once the core approves you to access their site. You can then learn more about their services and pursue work with them.

Can critical account information restrict my access to some cores?

When accessing a core, you may receive notification that the core requires more information in your account profile (Figure 5). You must complete the starred fields in order to proceed. Once you have satisfied the requirements, you will not be asked again.

Figure 5: You may update your profile from this screen. Fields designated with a red star are required.

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