How do I reset my password?

Do you log in with institution credentials?

If iLab is integrated with your institution's identity management system, you must authenticate with your existing institution credentials (username and password) to log in to iLab. In this case you can not reset your password in the iLab system, and instead need to work with your institution.

Or do you log in with iLab credentials?

If iLab is not integrated with your institution, you will be issued a username and password by iLab.  In this case, you can reset your password from any of the log in interfaces. Follow the three steps outlined below to complete the password reset process.

Click the reset password button from any log in screen

There are several possible log in screens from which to enter the iLab system*.  Regardless of the page you use to access the iLab system, a button to reset your password is presented with the log in fields.

Locate the reset password button and click on reset password to initiate a password reset.

* Note: You may encounter different login pages to access iLab. The institution-specific or core-specific pages will vary slightly with configured content and style, but the underlying layout will follow the same structure.

Basic log in screen

Figure 1.  Basic log in screen, with link to reset your password.

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