Why do I need to wait for my PI or Lab Manager to approve my account?

Core facilities use the iLab application to track usage of their facility and for billing purposes. To ensure that the facility is tracking the correct data and able to bill correctly, an administrator of your research group needs to verify your account information.

If you have registered using your Institution's Network ID, an account approval request was emailed to your group administrator.  If your account request has not yet been approved, you will receive the message displayed in Figure 1 when you log into iLab.

Figure 1: You will receive this message if your request has not yet been approved.

If you see this message when you log in, please contact your group administrator or core facility contact for further assistance.

If you have registered using the iLab registration wizard, and you still have not received a welcome email from iLab, please email us at support@ilabsolutions.com for assistance.

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