Why do I see a "no active memberships" error?

Have you requested membership to a lab?

If you have access to iLab but have not yet requested membership into a lab or group, you will see the error message "You have no active memberships. Please, contact support.". (Figure 1)

Figure 1: The No Active Memberships message will display on the top of the screen.

Please contact support to request assistance on adding membership to the appropriate lab or core facility.  You may do so by completing the application here.

Have you been removed from a lab?

If you were once a member of a lab and you see the error message, "You have no active memberships. Please, contact support." on your screen, this means you have been removed from your lab and should contact support for assistance.

If you are a member of multiple labs, you will not see the aforementioned error message when removed from one lab.  Instead, when ordering services or making reservations, you will no longer see the missing lab from your lab selection drop-down menu.  If you should be added back to a lab, please contact your lab administrator. (Figure 2)

Figure 2: The lab will no longer display in the drop down box.

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