How do I assign fund numbers to lab members?

If your institution has an integration between iLab and the financial system, researchers can not request core services until a fund number is assigned for their use as payment.

What is a fund number?

  • Fund number * refers to an internal account, grant code or payment number used between members and cores within the same institution to pay for services.

  • At some institutions, internal members must have a fund number assigned for their use within iLab prior to requesting core services. This process is not applicable for all customers in iLab.

  • Other members will instead type the appropriate payment number themselves when requesting core service.

* Note: Your institution may use a different term for the fund or payment number.

What are assigned fund numbers used for in iLab?

Figure 1.  A lab member can only pay for core services with fund numbers they are assigned to use. They are unable to request service if they do not have access to a fund.

An assigned fund number is required if iLab is integrated with the institution's financial system. In this scenario, valid fund numbers are sent from the institution's financial system to iLab and mapped to the appropriate lab. Funds are then assigned by an administrator to lab members for payment of services or equipment reservations.*

This process allows the lab to control which account each lab member can charge against. Lab members don't need to remember or type in the exact fund number for payment. Instead they simply select one from their list of available fund numbers. This also ensures a core is provided with valid payment information prior to rendering service and billing.

* Note: The exact set up of your institution's financial integration may vary.

Can I assign fund numbers for my lab?

Typically if you are a lab manager or administrator for a lab in iLab, you have access to assign fund numbers for that group. The PI of the lab also has this access. For some institutions this responsibility may be restricted to an administrator of each fund number, the department, or the institution.

How do I manage fund number assignments?

While logged in to your iLab account, follow these steps to manage fund assignments for any lab for which you are an administrator.

Figure 2.  Click the my labs option from the left menu, then select the name of the lab for which you want to manage fund assignments, memberships or settings.

1. Click the my labs option from the left menu (Figure 2).

  • Select the name of the lab for which you want to manage fund assignments to open the lab settings.


2. On the lab page, open the the tab Membership Requests & Fund Numbers (Figure 3.2).

  • The tab name will reflect the term used at your institution for fund numbers.

Figure 3.  1) Click my labs to open lab settings.  2) Open Membership Requests & Fund Codes tab.  3) Researchers awaiting lab membership can be approved in the Membership Requests section.  4) Use the check boxes to assign fund numbers to lab members in the Manage Fund Codes section.

3. Approve pending Membership Requests to add new lab members (Figure 3.3).

  • Researchers must register in iLab as a lab member before lab fund numbers can be assigned to them. When a lab member registers and indicates their lab, a lab manager may need to approve the membership before their account is activated.
  • Any researchers awaiting lab membership are listed in the Membership Requests section.
  • Click the approve button to add them as a member of the lab.

4. Assign a fund to each lab member in the Manage Fund Numbers section (Figure 3.4).

  • Click on a checkbox to activate or deactivate a fund number for each lab member.
  • Funding assignment changes are saved on click, as indicated by a green highlight.
  • Each member needs access to at least one fund to be able to request core services.

Can I add a new fund number to the lab?

In some cases, you may be able to request access to an additional fund number for the lab, if the fund is not currently listed for assignment in the Manage Fund Numbers section (Figure 3.4). This option varies by institution, depending on the integration structure.

If available, click to toggle open the section to Request access to additional Fund Numbers, below the Manage Fund Numbers section on the Membership Requests & Fund Numbers tab for the lab.

  • Follow instructions on screen to enter a valid fund number.
  • Click request button to request access to the fund number.
  • An administrator may need to approve the request before the new fund number is added to the lab.
  • Once available, the new fund number will be listed in the Manage Fund Numbers table and can be assigned to lab members.

Figure 4.  If a fund number is not listed in the Manage Fund Numbers section for the lab, administrators may have the option to Request access to additional fund numbers. If available, open this section and follow instructions on screen to add or request access to a fund number.

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