how can I view and add institution administrators?

STEP 1: Access User Management.

From your institution’s home page, click on the User Management tab. (Figure 1)

  Figure 1:  User Management

Figure 1: User Management

STEP 2: Click on Memberships section. (Figure 2)

  Figure 2:   Memberships  section

Figure 2: Memberships section

STEP 3: Click on Add additional members. (Figure 3)

  Figure 3 :  Add additional members .

Figure 3: Add additional members.

STEP 4: Enter a name.

Enter at least the first two letters of the last name, and select your user from the drop-down box. (Figure 4)

  Figure 4 : Find new member.

Figure 4: Find new member.

STEP 5: Select a name and select a role from the drop-down box. (Figure 5)

  Figure 5 : Select a name and role.

Figure 5: Select a name and role.

STEP 6: Click Invite. (Figure 6)

  Figure 6 : Click  Invite.

Figure 6: Click Invite.

Your new administrator will display with the others.

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