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How can i view detached invoices?

Once an invoice has been detached from a billing event, you may locate it in a few different places.

Under the Billing tab

A detached invoice will be moved to a new section called View Detached Invoices. This can be found under the Billing tab. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Billing tab

Under Invoices list

A detached invoice can be viewed within the general Invoices view, found in the left-hand navigation menu under Core Facilities. A detached invoice can be easily identified by its red-lettered "Detached" status. (Figure 2) 

Figure 2: Invoices list

There is also a filter within the Invoices filter panel to search for detached invoices, allowing for easy viewing of all detached invoices. (Figure 3) 

Figure 3: Detached Invoices filter

Within a new billing event

A detached invoice will also be viewable in the next new Create a New Billing Event instance for inclusion when ready. Selecting the checkbox next to the invoice will insert it into the new billing event. There is also an “Include” checkbox at the top of the list of detached invoices that, if selected, will automatically check off all detached invoices as ready to include in that billing event. (Figure 4) 

Figure 4: Within a new billing event

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