how do i add a project/job to a time sheet?

STEP 1: Access Time Entry.

From the core’s homepage, click the Time Entry tab. (Figure 1) 

Figure 1: Access Time Entry.

Your timesheet will display with the list or project requests available for you to add time spent on each project.

STEP 2: Add a new row

Click the Add new row button. (Figure 2) 

Figure 2: Click on Add new row.

The New Row pop-up displays

STEP 3: Select the job.

To Select the request you would like to add, start typing the Request Name. When the correct request populates the list, click it to select. (Figure 3) 

Figure 3: Select the job

Note that only requests that are processing will populate in this dropdown.  If you do not see the request you are looking for, navigate to the View All Requests tab on the core’s page to verify they request is in a processing state.

Once you have selected the correct request, verify that the selected services are the services you want to add track your time against.  If there are any services listed that you will not be providing for the request, remove them by clicking on the x next to the service name.  Click Add to add the project and services to the time sheet.

Figure 4: Verify services that you will be entering time against then click Add.

he new project/job now displays on the timesheet. (Figure 5)

Figure 5: New project/job will now display on the time sheet.

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