how do i add grids to a custom form?

In the event that you need to add multiple components to generate a single data point (for instance, type of sample), you may use a grid in your custom form.

To do so, begin by creating a new form or edit an existing form by accessing the Custom Forms section under the core’s Administration tab.  

STEP 1: Add the new grid field to the form.

Navigate to  the Form fields section in the Custom Form window. In the drop-down box, select grid, then click the green plus icon to add the field. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Select grid from the drop-down box.

STEP 2: Create the columns you would like to add to the grid.

In the example below (Figures 2 & 3), you can see how the field data entered in the Form fields section displays in the Form preview section.  In the grid's default value field enter the grid column headers as a comma separated list.  DO NOT add spaces after the commas or this will cause any file uploads into your grid to fail.

Figure 2: Data entered in the form field section displays in the grid. (Figure 4)

Figure 3: The grid displays the fields entered in the form fields section.


STEP 3: Enhance columns.

Click on the Enhance columns button to alter the columns. (Figure 4) 

Figure 4: Enhancing columns.

From here you may edit the following column parameters:

  • Type: Identify the type of data that the field should allow by using the drop-down box.
  • Width: You may expand or reduce the width of the column by entering the number of pixels. (Default is 75.)
  • Options: If the field type  is autocomplete, you may define which options are available for that field.

You will see your changes display in the Form Preview when you click the Save button.

STEP 4: Select Services.

Click the Select Services button to add services, if necessary. (Figure 5)

Figure 5: Adding services

Then select the category of the service you would like to add. Next, click the green arrow to add the service. (Figure 6)

Figure 6: Click the green arrow to add a service,

The service(s) you selected will display directly beneath the Form Fields section. (Figure 7)

Figure 7: The added service(s) displays below the Form Fields section.

Important: To save the services to your grid, after adding the services click on Enhance Columns then click on Save on the Enhance Columns pop-up.

When you have finished modifying the grid, click Save. (Figure 8)

Figure 8: Click Save.

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