How do I set up a request to allow my staff to track their time against it

In many cases a Principal Investigator may reach out to the core contact to discuss a project they would like to collaborate on with the facility. During this process it is common to gather the information needed to meet the project deliverables. In these cases, it may be easier for core staff to enter the request into iLab on behalf of the Investigator.

Step 1: Initiate a request

On the Service Request tab, identify the project type you want to initiate then click on initiate request.

Figure 1: Click on initiate request to select the project you want to start

Step 2: Fill in required information for project

Select the investigator's (customer's) name and then fill in the required information necessary to your core staff to understand the project requirements and deliverables.

Step 3: Select if project is billable and then submit

After filling out the required information on the project request, select if the project is billable or not billable. If you select billable, then time added to the project will be available to be used to bill the investigator. Not billable allows you to track time against a project but not charge the investigator for the work.

Figure 2: Select if the project is billable or not billable, then submit.

When you click on submit, the project will bypass the approvals in iLab and create a request at the Ready for core to begin state. You must click on Begin on the project to change the status to Processing for the project to be added to the list of available requests to add to Time Entry.

Figure 3: Make sure the request is Processing before you try to add it to Time Entry.

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