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how do i approve a purchase order?

STEP 1: Access POs.

For a purchase order record to not trigger a billing error, the PO must be approved.  If institution policies allow for core administration to approve pending customer purchase order records in iLab, you can access the core’s POs by clicking on the Purchase Orders link on the core’s PO tab. (Figure 1) 

Figure 1: Click on the PO tab.

A list of pending purchase orders displays.

STEP 2: Click the green check mark to approve the PO record. (Figure 2) 

Figure 2: Click on the Approve button.

When you click the green Approve button, a window displays. (Figure 3)

STEP 3: Submit the approval.

Enter an approval note, if desired, and then click the Submit button. (Figure 3) 

Figure 3: Enter an approval note and click submit.

The PO will now display with a Revert to pending button. Click this button if you would like to withdraw the approval and return the PO to a pending status. (Figure 4) 

Figure 4: PO will now display on the PO list.

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