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How do i assign project milestones to core staff?

STEP 1: Edit a milestone.

If a milestone has already been added to a service request, you can click on the pencil icon on the milestone line item to edit the milestone. (Figure 1) To add a milestone click on add milestone under the Forms and Request Details section on the request.

Figure 1: Click the pencil icon to edit a milestone.

A pop-up will display where attributes of the milestone can be edited.

STEP 2: Click on the select persons field.

To assign a project milestone to a staff member, click on the select persons field and start typing the name of the person, or select from a list of individuals associated with the core. (Figure 2) 

Figure 2: Click on the select persons field.

To see who is assigned to a particular milestone without opening the edit window, simply hover over the milestone of interest: if individuals are assigned to the milestones, their names will display. The people icon on the milestone row will remain gray if there are no staff assigned. (Figure 3) 

Figure 3: To view who is assigned to a milestone, hover over the milestone.

STEP 3: Click save.

A core staff member is now assigned to the milestone.  If core staff would like to keep track of projects they are assigned to, assign the staff member to the request project in addition to the milestone.

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