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how do i create a service project template?

STEP 1: Access the Service Project Template.

From the Request Services tab on your core’s page, click on the Add a service project template button. (Figure 1) 

Figure 1Add a Service Project Template

The Create a Project Template screen displays.

STEP 2: Complete the form, (Figure 2 & 3)

Figure 2: Form, pt 1

2.1: Name your project and add a description.

2.2: Define the category and classifications.

- Define the field name for the project summary section.

- Then, select the category the project type is under.

- If users are allowed to search for the project type before logging in, define the search classification the service type should be listed under.

2.3: Define whether core customers should be able to initiate a request with the project template. Then, define if the project type should be visible on the core’s public landing page.

2.4: Define the ordering and payment information for this project.

- Do not show customer estimated cost upon initial request, core will provide custom quote: Indicate if customers should see a projected dollar value for a project upon initiation.

- Require payment information to initiate request?: Define if you require payment information when a customer initiates a request. This will override the core’s default payment requirements.

- Accessible only through studies interface: This is only available with the Study Management Module.  Define how the project template can be accessed by customers.

2.5: Use the add buttons to add any default services for the project type, standard workflow milestones for the project type, and to include the form customers should complete when ordering a service.

Figure 3: Form, pt 2

3.1: In this section, select which core members you would like to assign to this project type by clicking on the assign link beside the name. When you do, the core member will display beneath the Assigned core members section. Assigned staff members will display on initiated service requests and will receive email notifications designated for workers under the core’s Administration tab > Other settings panel.

3.2: In this section, define the buffer amount (as a dollar value or a percentage of the total). Then, define the costs for different price groups.

STEP 3: Click Save.

The project template will now display on the Request Services tab. (Figure 4)

Figure 4: Project template now displays.

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