How do i generate a report of custom form field entries?

STEP 1: Navigate to the core facility Reporting tab.

To access custom form reporting, navigate to your core facility Reporting tab, then click on the Custom Forms link. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Reporting > Custom Forms

STEP 2: Select a Date Range.

Select a start date and an end date for the entered form, or select from the default date ranges provided in the pop-up menu. (Figure 2)

Figure 2: Select a date range.

STEP 3: Select the Custom Form Template Title to download.

Select the custom form template for which you’d like to download data from the pulldown menu. Once you’ve selected your template, click the button labeled download csv. Your download will begin.  (Figure 3)

Understanding how data is structured in the download

Custom form templates evolve over time. This means that a form submitted by a customer one year ago may be substantially different than a form submitted by a customer yesterday. In a microscopy core, for example, additional filters and lenses may be added over time, meaning that the custom form template may need to change.

To provide data in a predictable and organized way, the following strategy is used for presenting the data:


  1. All customer forms are gathered for the selected custom form template and date range.

  2. All forms are then sorted by date.

  3. For each customer submitted form, data pulled is:

    1. First checked to see whether the form is associated with

      1. a service request:

        1. if yes, we provide information about the service request, including:

          1. the customer

          2. the customer’s lab

          3. the request status

          4. the date the request was submitted

      2. an event:

        1. if yes, we provide information about the event including:

          1. the reservation owner

          2. the reservation owner’s  lab

          3. the scheduled and logged start and end times of the event

      3. a study:

        1. if yes, we present:

          1. study lead PI

          2. study lead coordinator

          3. study status

    2. Compared to the current version of the form template.

      1. If a field match is found, the data in the customer form is matched to a column for the custom form template.

      2. If no match is found, the data will be stored in a separate column at the end of the row. (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Form Field template

supported data fields

iLab supports a variety of complex data fields in custom forms. Not all of these fields (and structures) lend themselves readily to a csv download. Currently, the following data field types are supported in the csv download:

  • small text box

  • large text box

  • date

  • pull-down menu

  • attachment - (name of file only)

  • radio buttons

  • check boxes

  • charges

  • Tables

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