how do I initiate a breeding cage request?

STEP 1: Access Animal Services tab. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Access Animal Services.

STEP 2: Initiate the request.

Choose Request Service within the Breeding cage request section. (Figure 2)

Figure 2: Select Request Service.


Note: Only PIs, PI Lab members or designated protocol Additional Members with an active protocol in iLab may initiate a breeding cage request. A core facility admin may also submit a request on behalf of a researcher with an active protocol.

A request “wizard” will display. This wizard will step the user through various sections of information they will need to fill out in order to successfully submit a request.

STEP 3: Enter User Info.

(This step is visible only when logged in as a core admin)

Select the researcher for whom this request should be placed. (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Select the researcher.

STEP 4: Select the protocol.

Select the protocol and appropriate species/stress category combination against which this order should be placed against. Then click Continue. (Figure 4)

Figure 4: Select appropriate species/stress category.

A protocol may have multiple species associated with it. The requester may only choose one protocol/one species/stress category per request.

STEP 5: Enter animal information.

Search for or enter in the Source Cage Card ID that contains the first parent animal you’d like to add to the new breeding cage.

  • Cages available for selection are restricted to those that:
    • Have a status of “Active” in the system.

    • Have been associated to the same protocol selected for the breeding cage request.

Once a Source Cage Card ID is selected, the Sex and Strain/Genotype fields will be automatically populated for the first parent animal. Parent animal Date of Birth and Animal ID are optional fields. (Figure 5) 1

Figure 5: Select the source cage card ID.

STEP6: Click Add to Cage.

When you click add to cage, the animal you just added will display at the bottom of the screen, shown in the shaded area in Figure 6, below.

Figure 6: Your added animal will display on the bottom.

To add another parent animal, select another Source Cage Card ID to the new breeding cage. Continue adding parent animals as needed and when finished, click Continue.

STEP 7: Enter the cage information.

Indicate the Housing Type of this cage, the location (building and room) where this cage will be housed, and contact information for a person the animal facility can contact in case of urgent matters. Lab contact information is required. (Figure 7)

Figure 7: Enter the cage information.

STEP 8: Click Continue.

STEP 9: Enter payment information.

Information and fields that display here will be dependent on core-level settings that govern how payment information is captured for a request. (Figure 8)

Figure 8: Enter payment information.

STEP 10: Click Continue.

STEP 11: Review summary and finalize request.

Review the information. If the information is correct, indicate the date they will need this breeding cage to be set up, using the calendar within the Date Needed section. Then click Submit Request To Core. If corrections are needed, click Back to correct the error. To cancel and delete the request, click Cancel. To save the request without submitting, click Save Draft. (Figure 9)

Figure 9: Review the summary and finalize the request.

Your new request will now display on the My Animal Requests tab. (Figure 10)

Figure 20: Your new request now displays.

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