how do I manage institution-related information?

List of Cores and Core Statistics

On the top of the iLab page there are several options.  Under search network you will see the name of your institution.  Click on the name of your institution to access functionality to manage the Institution’s information and settings in iLab. (Figure 1)

  Figure 1 : Institution page.

Figure 1: Institution page.

When you first land on the institution’s page, you will see a list of institution core facilities and their general statistics.  In the core list table, you can see statistics on:

  1. List of all cores

  2. The core head or contact

  3. If the core’s page is live in the system

  4. If the core is open to the public or requires core access requests

  5. The last day of billing

  6. The number of recent core service requests

 Above the table you can see overall statistics on:

  1. The number of cores total

  2. The number of cores live in our system versus the number of cores still in development

  3. The total number of services and resources that the cores offer

  4. The breakdown of the number of services and equipment (schedules) offered from all of the cores

  5. The total number of users using iLab to order from facilities

  6. A breakdown of users by type, like internal and external

  7. Total revenue for all cores and a breakdown of revenue for internal versus external customers

  8. The total number of services requests

  9. A breakdown of requests for different user types like internal and external

  10. Number of hours scheduled

  11. A breakdown of scheduled events by reservation or maintenance

Also on the core’s page you can view the payment settings for each core.  The core facilities can determine if they require payment information and at what point.  You can view what the core has set up if you click on show/hide payment configuration (Figure 2).

  Figure 2 : Show payment requirements

Figure 2: Show payment requirements

Institution and Lab Memberships and Settings 

(Figure 3)

  Figure 3 : Institution and Lab Memberships and Settings

Figure 3: Institution and Lab Memberships and Settings

Next to the Summary of Cores tab is the User Management tab.  On this page you will see panels for:

  1. Groups

  2. Departments

  3. Organizations

  4. Memberships

  5. Partner Institutions


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