How do i manage trained user lists on schedules?

To edit trained users on an existing schedule, you may click on the pencil (edit) icon on the right of the appropriate schedule. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Editing trained users on an existing resource.

To create a new schedule, click on the Schedule Equipment tab on the core's homepage, and then More > Add Schedule. (Figure 2)

Figure 2: Access Add schedule tool

To manage trained users, click on the Training tab. (Figure 3) 

Figure 3: Training

Trained Users

In this section, you may add users that have been trained on or can use the resource independently. If you wish to allow only trained users to reserve this equipment, you must also define User Access - Distinguish between trained and untrained users? (<link>) as yes, and then add the trained users here. (Figure 4) You can also remove the user from the list.

Figure 4: Trained Users

If you have a large number of trained users you would like to add,  please contact Support for instructions on how to import a list.

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