How do I match uploaded usage logs to scheduled usage?

STEP 1: Access the Confirm Usage tool.

From the Schedule Equipment tab, click on Confirm Usage to view the unconfirmed record. (Figure 1) 

Figure 1: Access Confirm Usage tool.

STEP 2: Match the usage records.

Records that can be merged will display a “handle” (i.e., three vertically aligned dots) on the very left of the row on hover.  Click the row and hold down the cursor. Then drag the record up or down to match the usage records.  (Figure 2) 872

Figure 2: Hover to display the handle.

The outlines will indicate which rows are eligible for merging. A green outline indicates a possible matching action. A red outline indicates an impossible match. (Figure 3) 873

Figure 3: Outlines indicate which rows are eligible for merging.

The requirements for being able to match are as follows:

  • The usage record and the reservation must be on the same equipment.

  • The records must be within one week of each other, start or end-time.

  • If the user is not recognized in the upload, you may identify them normally through the confirm usage interface.

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