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How do i pay an invoice?

STEP 1: Open the invoice by clicking the link in the email. (Figure 1)

STEP 2: Select a payment method.

If the user wants to pay all charges on the invoice or charges that are missing payment information, click on Select Payment Method. (Figure 2)

Figure 2: Select payment method.

STEP 3: Select payment method and for which charges to enter a payment number.

Administrators can choose if they want to pay all charges on the invoice with a specific payment number, or if they only want to enter a payment number for charges missing payment information.  Then, they can then enter their payment number.  This could be a Deposit ID, Check Number, or even a fund number. (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Complete the payment information.

STEP 4: Click Set <payment method>.

Click the Set <payment method> button to pay with your selected payment method. (Figure 4) 739

Figure 4: Set payment method.

STEP 5: If your institution has a financial integration with iLab, then administrators can choose from a valid list of funds under the lab's fund owner. (Figure 5)

  Figure 5 : Select a fund number.

Figure 5: Select a fund number.

If your group has chosen to do an integration with a third party processing system to process credit cards, users will see credit card option in the drop-down which will display a pay with credit card link at the bottom of the window. (Figure 6) When clicked, it will take the user to the credit card processing system to enter their credit card information.

Figure 6: Pay with credit card.

Note: If you want to use different payment types on different charges on the invoice, please use the dollar sign icon to the right of each request to update that payment information.

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