How do I register for an account?

Registering for an account with iLab is easy and quick!


STEP 1: Enter email and security agreement.

Enter your email address, CAPTCHA, and agree to iLab privacy and security policy’s. 

  Figure 1 : Enter email and agree to security policies.

Figure 1: Enter email and agree to security policies.

STEP 2: Enter personal information.

A welcome message from your institution will display. Enter your personal information. Then, enter your institution and your role at the institution. If you select "other", an additional box will display.

  Figure 2:  Enter personal information.

Figure 2: Enter personal information.

STEP 3: Enter group associations.

Select the group with which you are associated. You may enter the group name, PI name, or financial approver and the system will search for a group meeting that information.

  Figure 3 : Enter group association information.

Figure 3: Enter group association information.

Once the registration is complete, a confirmation page will display letting you know thatyou will receive an email with account information within 24 hours. All registration tabs will be removed and the Go to iLab button will display institution and core external information based on the account signup request.

  User 4 : Confirmation

User 4: Confirmation


You may cancel from the registration process if you choose. Cancel Registration will take the user to the institution or core external page. Go back will return the user to the registration process with no data loss.

  Figure 5 : Cancelling registration.

Figure 5: Cancelling registration.

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