how do i review and confirm usage?

STEP 1: When on the core facility's homepage, click on the Schedule Equipment tab to access schedules and related links.

STEP 2: To confirm resource usage across multiple schedules, click on the Confirm usage button. (Figure 1)  

Figure 1: Confirm resource usage across multiple schedules by clicking the Confirm usage button.

The confirm usage manager interface will open in a new page.  On this interface you can view, filter for, search for, update and confirm all unconfirmed reservations for all schedules set up on the core’s site. (Figure 2) 

Figure 2: Confirm Usage interface.

STEP 3: Review and update the scheduling information.


Locate the record you want to update and click on the three bars on the right hand side of the confirm button. Clicking the three bars will allow the manager to navigate to the specific part of the record which requires attention. (Figure 3) 

Figure 3: Click the three bars to jump to a specific section.

Tabs available to edit include: (Figure 4)

Figure 4: Section tabs.

1. Adjust owner group/project: Review the reservation owner, their lab, lab contacts and selected service request.  

  • You may select a processing service request (project) or adjust the owner’s lab (group) if needed.  

2. Adjust time: Adjust the logged time, billable time and select which times should be used for billing.  

  • Utilize the resource schedule default billable time settings to decrease the need to adjust billable time.

3. Usage type: You may view the pre-selected usage type and price.  

  • In the cases where the pre-selected usage type is incorrect you can override the usage type and pick the correct availability for the reservation.  
  • Utilize resource schedule default usage type settings to allow for a default behavior to decrease the need to adjust usage type after the reservation occurs.

4. Add-on charges: On this tab you can view, update and add charges on the reservation.

  • Available if your facility allows for additional charges to be added to reservations.  

5. Total cost: You may view all of the details about the reservation that leads to the total amount to be charged.  This includes add on charges, scans and and no charge options when made available by settings.

6. Payment info: View and adjust the payment number that will be used to pay for the usage.

7. Charge name: View the name for the charge that will be displayed on the invoice and billing files.

  • The individual charge name can be adjusted if settings allow core staff to do so.  The charge naming convention is set at the core level and can be adjusted by an iLab representative.

When you make changes on each tab, click save to save your information.

Once changes are saved, close the popup to return to the usage management screen.

STEP 4: Click confirm.

When you have reviewed the event, you may confirm it by clicking the green confirm button.  You may also confirm it by clicking on the check boxes on the right and selecting the blue Confirm button to confirm multiple records at once. (Figure 4)

Figure 4: Check the boxes then click blue Confirm button to conform usage for multiple records.

When you successfully confirm the event, the event will no longer display on the unconfirmed list.

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