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How do I review and update request details?

STEP 1: Login to iLab.

Your home page displays requests awaiting core approval. (Figure 1)  Note, you can also navigate to the core’s View All Requests tab to see all active requests

Figure 1: Login to iLab.

STEP 2: To view details about the request, click on the request name. (Figure 2)

Figure 2: Click on request name to open the request.

A new window opens.

STEP 3: Click on the blue arrow next to the date to expand the details. (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Click the blue arrow to expand the details.

The details of the request are displayed. The following areas may be updated (Figure 4):

Figure 4: Update details.

  • 4.1: Action icons. These buttons allow you to update payment information (dollar sign icon), add a comment (text box icon), or print or cancel the request (pencil icon).
  • 4.2: Edit Overview information, such as Project Description, Status, and Projected Cost.
  • 4.3: Update payment information (functions the same as the dollar sign icon).
  • 4.4: Add an attachment or a url.
  • 4.5: Add a note to the history section.
  • 4.6: Edit shipping information.
  • 4.7: Edit billing information.
  • 4.8: Add a comment. An email will be sent to notify designees copying the comment.
  • 4.9: Add/delete a form and view request details

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