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how do i search for a request of interest?

STEP 1: Access all service requests.

From your core’s homepage, access your service requests.  (Figure 1) 

Figure 1: Access your service requests.

STEP 2: Define the filters appropriately for the request you wish to locate. (Figure 2) 

Figure 2: Select your search filters.

The filter options that are available to you are:

  1. Keyword: Search any word or form selection on any of the requests.

  2. Status: The Status section will only list the statuses of the requests available in the search results.  If you are missing an expected status, the results do not contain that status.

  3. Category: Service Requests categories can be set by the core and are only available if the core administration has chosen to use this feature.

  4. Labels: Individual requests can be tagged with labels.  Labels can help you identify a specific group of requests.

  5. Assigned To: Select from a list of all of the workers that are assigned to the projects displayed in the search results.

  6. Lab: Search for request by the research group or lab.

  7. Owner: Search for requests by the request owner or the person that the request is listed under.

  8. Institution: Search for requests submitted by users from specific institutions or companies.

  9. Payment Number: Search for requests by the default payment number selected on the request.  This could be an account number or purchase order number.

  10. Payment Method: Search for requests by the default payment method selected on the request.  Examples include credit card, check or Purchase Order, depending on what options are available on your core.

  11. Request Date: Search for requests by the date they were submitted.  If you have backdated the request it would be the backdated date.

  12. Start Date: If your group has chosen to list the start date on a requests, you can search by those dates.

  13. Due Date: If your group has chosen to list the due date on requests, you can search by those dates.

  14. Completed Date: Once a project is complete, you can search for the project by completed date.  Make sure you have selected to display either all requests or completed requests.

STEP 3: Click apply filters.  (Figure 3) 

Figure 3: Apply filters.

Any and all requests that meet the criteria you defined in the filters will display.  

Can I save a search query?

If this query is something you would run often you can save the query as a tab.  Click on Create tab from Filters on the filters bar, enter the name, description, and who can see the tab.  (Figure 4) 

Figure 4: Save a query.

Once you save the tab, it will display next to the Active Requests dropdown.  Whenever you click on the tab, the desired search will run and you will see an updated list of requests that meet the criteria.  (Figure 5) 

Figure 5: Your new saved query displays.

If you select to share the tab with others in the core, note that they can view the tab and run other searches based off that query, but they cannot modify the tab or remove it.

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