How do I search for past invoices?

Your institution may have it configured where you can search for past invoices when viewing any page in iLab.  To access all of your relevant invoices, click on the invoices link in the left navigation. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Click on invoices link to access all your invoices.

Setting filters

You may select which invoices display on the screen by defining the filters (Figure 2): (Note you may not see all options below depending on our access level in iLab).

  • Owner - The invoiced customer.
  • Owner Institution - The customer's Employer.
  • Cores - The core facility that invoiced the customer.
  • Labs - The customer's research group or designated fund owner group.
  • Billing Event - The billing activity the invoice was generated for
  • Payment Number - A list of payment numbers used on the invoices
  • External - If the invoice was from an external core facility
  • Approved By - Who approved the invoice
  • Approval Status - If the invoice is approved, required approval or does not require approval
  • Status - If the invoices is Paid, Partially Paid or Not Yet Paid
  • Dispute Status - If an invoices has been disputed and that dispute status
  • Detached - If an invoice is waiting for action and has be detached from an active billing event
  • Date Created - The date the invoice was created in iLab

Figure 2: You may select the parameters to define your search.



To access past invoices, select the Date Added filter to set the search date for invoices created within a specific time range. Check the set date range box, select a To and From dates, and then click Apply Filters. (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Select the Date Added filter to search past invoices.


With filters now applied, you will see only the invoices that fall within the parameters you defined.  (Figure 4) From this screen, you may view the following details about each invoice:

  • Invoice Creation Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Affiliated Lab
  • Invoice Owner
  • Payment number(s) or Method(s) used on the invoice
  • Invoice Status
  • Approval Status
  • Actions that can be performed on the invoice

Figure 4: Viewing the invoice

Note: The list of invoices on the invoice list view is comprised of all invoices in iLab with which you have access, including invoices from internal and external facilities.


Actions on an invoice

Depending on the specific privileges that have been defined for your role. you may be able to perform the following actions on the invoice from the list all invoices view (Figure 5):

  Figure 5 : You may take several actions on an invoice from th e list all invoices  view.

Figure 5: You may take several actions on an invoice from the list all invoices view.

  • 1: Create a .pdf containing all invoices.
  • 2: Create and download a .csv file of all invoices.
  • 3: Email all administrators with access a list of the invoices.
  • 4: Leave a comment on that specific invoice.
  • 5: Email administrators of that specific invoice.

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