what is time entry and how do i Set it up?

What is Time Entry?

Associates in cores that offer professional services, such as Biostatisticians in a Biostatistics core, need to be able to quickly and easily account for the time that they spend on various projects so that the core can bill for their services and the PI can pay for and report on usage. Mayo Clinic has a proven method for this, which has been adopted into the Core Facility Management module and called Time Entry.

This method allows for a job (or Project Request) associated to a PI and Core to be created in the application. Once a request is created it can be linked to core staff the will be delivering the services necessary for the request. When the core member logs in to enter his or her hours, an easy-to-use time sheet containing applicable jobs will display. The staff member can then enter in the amount of time they spent per job and the PI will be invoiced for the tracked hours during the billing process

This method allows:

  • Core associates to quickly and easily enter their time in weekly view
  • Core managers to easily review their staff’s time per work week
  • PIs to easily view their charges  

Because Time Entry is integrated with our Core Facility Management module, completed entries can be viewed on the job (or request) on the View All Requests tab. Also, these entries will create charges that will populate the New Billing Event interface to be billed.

How do I set up Time Entry?

Step 1: Work with a customer representative to Enable Time Entry.

If you would like to turn on this functionality, please click on Help at the upper right corner of the application to leave a support ticket or reach out to your customer representative. Be prepared to inform your customer representative on:

  1. If you want to see payment information when entering time.
  2. If you want core staff to be directed to Time Entry when they land on the core's page.
  3. If you want to label the Time Entry tab something different to match your current workflows like Timesheet.
  4. If you want to call a project request something else like a job or work order to match your current workflows.

Step 2: Create service project templates you will use to capture the work your staff completes per customer.

Navigate to the Request Services tab on the core's page. Click on Add a Service Project Template or edit an existing template.

Figure 1: Create a new service project template

On the template editor, update the fields necessary to name, describe, and set up required payment information. Time Entry must be enabled on the project template if you want core staff to enter their time against the request type in the Time Entry interface. You may also want to select Do not allow customers to initiate if you want your staff to be the only people to create request for your core.

Figure 2: Enable Time Entry on the project template

Step 3: Create services that will track the specific work and price core staff will be entering per project.

Create a service:

On the Request Services tab, scroll to the second section of the page and click on add new service template or edit an existing template.

Figure 3: Click on Add a Service Template to create a new service

Enable Time Entry:

Enter information into the fields for the name, description, and pricing for the service. Select Enable for Time Entry to make the service available for core staff to track their time against in the Time Entry interface.

Figure 4: Select Enable for Time Entry

Assign Core Staff:

The service will only be available to core staff that are assigned to the service.  This allows you to designate which service can be provided by whom.  For example you may charge differently for a Senior Statistician versus a Statistician.  Assigning individual members to each service type lets you define which core staff can charge against the Senior Statistician service versus the Statistician service.

Within the service template you will see a list of core staff under the Service assignees section.  Select the core staff that should be able to track their time against the service by clicking Assign to the right of their name.

Figure 5: Click on Assign to the right of the staff to add them to the Service assignees list.

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