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how do i use a custom form in a service request?

There are two ways to add a custom form to a request: you may click add form on a service request, or you may add a form on the service project template.

Add the custom form on the service request

STEP 1: Initiate a new service request or access an existing service request.

STEP 2: Add the form.

Click add form link under the Forms and Request Details section. Then select the form you would like to add by clicking the green plus icon. (Figure 1) 

Figure 1: Adding a form.

A link to the form will display.

STEP 3: Update visibility and status, if desired.

If desired, you may select the visibility (Figure 2) and the status (Figure 3) from the drop down menu.

Figure 2: Visibility

Figure 3: Status

STEP 4: Complete the form details, if needed.

Click the link to access the form and complete the details. Click save complete form or save draft of form.  If you want to lock the form so that others cannot update it, click on lock and save form.  Note other core member can unlock the form if they need to update it but customers cannot.

NOTE: Each form will have different fields. (Figure 4) 

Figure 4: Complete the form.

STEP 5: Editing and viewing the form.

If you wish to edit or view the form, click on the link in the service request in the Forms and Request Details section. (Figure 5) 

Figure 5: Editing and viewing a form.

Adding a custom form on the service project template

STEP 1: Access the service project template from the Request Services tab.

STEP 2: Click on the add form button. (Figure 6) 

Figure 6: Add form, and select visibility.

STEP 3: Select the appropriate form.

Click the green plus icon next to the appropriate form. (Figure 6)

Figure 7: New forms now displays in the template.

Once you have clicked the green arrow, the form will now display under the Forms, Milestones, and Services section, along with a note about the visibility of the form. (Figure 7) 

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