how do i view additional information about reservations on the reservations tab?

To view additional information about a reservation on the Reservations tab, simply click on the reservation you want to view in the schedule. (Figure 1) 

Figure 1: Click on the reservation you want to view.

The reservation information displays (Figure 2): 

Figure 2: View the reservation information.

  • Reservation details: This section indicated the resource that was reserved, the resource’s core, the user that reserved it, and the date it was created.

  • Times: The time of the reservation.

  • Use and cost of reservation: This section displays which price group will be used for this reservation.

  • Additional charges for this event: This section includes any additional charges, such as training.

  • Payment information: This section includes details about how the reservation will be paid for, including associated PO numbers.

  • Service Project: You may include the related service project, if applicable.

  • Invite additional people: You may also invite additional people to the event by sending them an event invite.

  • Comments: You may add and view comments about the service request in this section.

  • Required forms: In some cases there may be additional fields for additional details about the scheduled usage.  These fields will display on the right side of the Reservations details pop-up.

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