how do I access a saved report?

STEP 1: Click the Reporting link.

From the homepage, click on the Reporting link. (Figure 1)

  Figure 1 : Reporting tab

Figure 1: Reporting tab

STEP 2: Select your institution and the click Institution-Level Reporting.

STEP 3: Select a saved report.

Click on Load Saved button. (Figure 3)

  Figure 3:  Load saved reports

Figure 3: Load saved reports

STEP 4: Select the report to load. (Figure 4)

  Figure 3 : Select the report

Figure 3: Select the report

STEP 5: Click Load button. (Figure 5)

  Figure 5:  Click Load button

Figure 5: Click Load button

Your report now displays. There are several actions you may take on the report (Figure 6):

  Figure 6 : Actions on a report

Figure 6: Actions on a report

  • Save: Save your report to the location of your choice.

  • Share: Share with certain roles. (NOTE: You must save first.)

  • Email: You may email this report to addresses you enter.

  • Export: You may export your report to several different formats.

  • Print preview: View how your report will look when printed, and print if you choose.

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