How do I schedule time on calendars?

Step 1: Schedule Equipment tab

To reserve time on calendars, login to the core's web page by following the directions you received in the iLab welcome email, or by using the core’s direct link. Then click on the Schedule Equipment tab. (Figure 1)   

Figure 1: You may use the Schedule Equipment tab to reserve time on a piece of equipment.

Step 2: Access calendar.

To access the calendar, click on the resource name. Then, click the view schedule button to the right of the name. (Figure 2). 

Figure 2: All equipment for this core will display. In some instances, an image of the equipment will also display.

Reading the calendar

In the calendar, several tabs can be accessed: (Figure 3)

  • Return to Schedules: This will return you to the list of facility resources window. 
  • Schedule: This tab displays current schedule for the all of the Resource sets for the listing in the Multi View, or the Day, Week of Month of the listing. To view a list of calendars, click on the Equipment or Scheduling tab after landing on the core's page.
  • Description: This displays a description of the equipment.
  • Other Schedules: This tab allows you to view and access other equipment listed and calendars. To see the reservations on other relevant calendars, click on the other relevant schedules, and then choose the other calendars you wish to see. 

Figure 3: Click on the Schedule tab to schedule the selected equipment.

The calendar will display events in various colors for easier reading. The color legend for events is as follows (Figure 4).

  • Green Events: Your future reservations
  • Yellow Events: Your past reservations
  • Red Events: If the equipment is unavailable for selected amount of time
  • Orange Events: In some cases, cores require core approval for reservations. If you have reserved time on the calendar that requires core approval, that event will be in orange. When the reservation has been approved you may receive an email and you will see the event turn to purple.
  • Purple Events: When a reservation is approved by the core it will turn purple. 

You may view a legend of reservations by clicking the Legends & Help button on the top left.

Figure 4: Events are color-coded on the calendar to quickly determine the status of the appointment. Click the Legends & Help button to view a legend.

Scheduling an event

Step 1: Identify the correct lab

To schedule an event on the calendar, click and drag on the day and time of the intended usage. A pop-up window will display asking you to identify the lab for which the event is to be scheduled. Select the lab and click Next. (Figure 5)

Figure 5: Each lab you are a member of will display in the drop down box.

Step 2: Complete the form

Figure 6: Fields with a red star indicate required information.

 Now complete the Reservation Details form (Figure 5) and save the reservation to book that time on the calendar.

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