how do I manage protocols?

Protocol Management - which includes managing general settings, protocol entry, and protocol editing - takes place at the institutional level. Once the Protocol Management module is enabled, a new Protocols tab will be visible on an institution’s page (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Protocols tab.

Via the Settings Page

A Settings page specific to the Protocol Management module. This can be accessed by clicking the green button with a gear wheel icon.

Figure 2: Click the Settings icon.

  • Note: Only institutional administrators can manage and change these settings. Protocol administrators can view the settings page in read-only mode.

Via the Protocol List View

STEP 1: Access the Protocols List View.

Click the Protocols tab to access the Protocols List View. (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Protocols tab.

STEP 2: Select a protocol to manage.

To manage a protocol, click on the protocol link to open it up. (Figure 4)

Figure 4: Select a protocol.

Sections of the protocol that can be updated through this interface are:

  • Protocol Information: Includes information like protocol title, ID, PI Information and expiration date

  • Lab Personnel: Includes a list of all personnel authorized to request orders against this protocol

  • Additional Members: Includes a list of all personnel outside of the PI’s lab authorized to request orders against this protocol

  • Animal Information: Includes a list of animals included in this protocol, total number of animals allowed, total ordered, and total remaining

  • Notes: Any pertinent notes about the protocol (free text)

  • Important Dates: Approval date, start date, review date, and renewal date

  • Attachments: You may attach files

  • Comments: Comments from users

  • History: Lists changes or edits made to this protocol

Once you have made changes to any of these sections, click Save to save your changes and close the section, or Cancel to disregard your changes and close the section. (Figure 5)

Figure 5: Click Save.

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