can i allow users to schedule multiple resources at once?

To create a new schedule, you first should click on the Schedule Equipment tab on the core's homepage, and thenMore > Add Schedule. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Access the Add schedule tool.

To allow users to schedule multiple resources at once navigate to the the Linked Resources tab when editing Schedule settings. (Figure 1) 670

Figure 1: Linked Resources

Linked Resources

In this section, you may identify schedules that should also be reserved with this resource. For example, if this instrument needs to be reserved with a cell sorter, you may link to the cell sorter’s schedule here. To display the list of all available schedules to link, toggle on the Additional Assets For Calendar Show If Label setting. (Figure 2) 671

Figure 2: Linked resources

To link another schedule this schedule, click the View as linked box. Then define if the resource should be selected by default or if it should be required to book along with this resource. (Checking the box indicates yes.)

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