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what can i customize on an invoice?

Administrators may customize what information displays on their core’s invoices.

STEP 1: Click on Administration tab.

From your core’s homepage, click on the Administration tab. (Figure 1) 

Figure 1Administration tab.

STEP 2: Access Invoices section.

Click the Other Settings bar, then the Invoices bar to access customizable invoice fields. (Figure 2) 

Figure 2Other Settings > Invoices

On the Basic tab, you may customize the following information (Figures 3 & 4):

Figure 3: Basic tab, part 1

Figure 4Basic tab, part 2

Figure 5 illustrates how a yes in each of the settings in Figure 4 will display on the invoice. 

Figure 5: Invoice display

  1. Show summary by payment (po number, etc) information at top of invoice?

  2. Include the custom reportable service request field on invoices?

  3. Show tax subtotals in the Invoice Total?

On the Advanced tab, the core name as it displays on the invoice may be changed by an iLab team member. Please contact Support for assistance. (Figure 6) 

Figure 6: The Advanced tab may only be changed by iLab.

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