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What is my homepage?

When you log into iLab, you will either land on the specific url you selected to login or you may land on your homepage. If you land on a different page and want to navigate to your homepage, click on home on the left side of your iLab page.  

On your homepage you can view quick links to facilities you often use, view requests that require your attention and view a list of your reservations. Additionally, you will have menu options to manage your account, manage your support tickets, and find lists of cores that you can access through iLab.

Home Panel

When on your homepage, the first panel you will see is the Home panel. Here you will see important links including links to communications sent in iLab, core facilities you have used recently, resources you have used in the past, and resources with upcoming scheduled events. (Figure 1) 

Figure 1Home Panel provides quick links to core facilities and resources.

Service Request Panel

Below the Home panel you may see a Service Requests panel. This panel will show any requests that require your attention in the alerts tab. Requests that require attention could be ones that require your approval, ones that are missing payment information or ones that you have not yet submitted. Lab heads will see requests from all of their lab members and for themselves that require approval in the Service Requests panel. (Figure 2)

Figure 2: If you have any service requests with any cores in iLab, you will see the Service Request panel on your homepage. In this panel you will see requests that require your attentions under the alerts tab. The info tab shows the twenty most recent requests across cores you have used or manage submitted in the past 6 months. The help tab provides more information about the Service Requests panel.

Under the info tab within the Service Requests panel, you will see up to twenty of the most recent requests that apply to you. For more information about the Service Requests panel, click on the help tab.

Scheduling Panel

You may also see a Scheduled Events panel on your homepage (Figure 3). This panel will show any reservations that are still pending core approval in the alerts tab (Figure 4), and a list of future reservations, up to fifteen, in the info tab. Click on the help tab to see more information about the Scheduled Events panel.  Click on My Reservations to view a list of all of your own reservations.

Figure 3View a summary of future reservations on the Info tab of the Scheduled Events panel.

Figure 4The alerts panel lists any reservations that are currently pending approval by the core.

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