What is the ilab invoice functionality?

Facility administrators are able to generate and track invoices in iLab.  The iLab Application can then be used by PIs, Department Managers or Lab Managers to view invoices, as well as make changes to them and approve them.  Updates are seen by facility administration in real time.


Through Email

Lab Managers, Department Managers and PIs may access invoices through the email they receive when the invoice is created.  Within this email is a link to the HTML invoice described below and also a pdf of the invoice.  Click on the link provided in the email and login to view the invoice and make any necessary updates. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: You can click the link toward the top of the page to access the invoice.

Through iLab site

Lab Managers and PIs may be able to access invoices through the invoices link found on the left-side menu under core facilities.  From here, you can view invoice summaries, search for particular invoices or perform certain actions like approving the invoice. (Figure 2) 

Figure 2: The invoices link allows you to view many details about invoices without opening them.

2.1 invoice link: Use this link to view all invoices you have access to

2.2 Action buttons: The actions buttons above the table of invoices  apply to all invoices that result from any search or filter you apply.  You may create a .pdf with every invoice, download the basic information for all visible invoices into a .csv file, or email the owner of each invoice resulting from your search.

2.3 Action icons: You may use these icons to leave a comment about the invoice (callout box), send an email about the invoice (envelope), or to open the invoice (magnifying glass).


There are several sections on the invoice that are important to both understanding it, and making updates and changes to it. (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Reading the invoice 

3.1 From: This is the invoicing core facility.

3.2 To: This is the customer.

3.3 Select Payment Method: By clicking this link, if available, you may update or add a payment information. You may select how you would like to pay, as well as which charges you would like to pay. (Figure 3a)

Figure 3a: By clicking this link, you may update or add a payment information.

3.4 Magnifying glass icon: Click to view the service request.

3.5 Dollar sign icon: Click to view or select payment method for individual charges.

3.6 Arrow: Click the blue down arrow to expand the details to display all invoices for that owner.

3.7 Show additional contacts: Click this link to view all contacts for the lab and the customer.


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