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what is the invoice feature?

Invoice list view of all accessible invoices in iLab

To access a list of available invoices on the invoice list view, please reach out to your iLab Customer Partnership Manager to turn on the invoices list view option. Once this setting is activated, all applicable iLab generated invoices can be viewed by clicking the invoices link located on the left side menu of the iLab application. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Access available invoices.

From here, you can see all applicable invoices from the past year, listed by most recently created.  For quick reference, this view shows the following details of each invoice:

  • Invoice creation date

  • Invoice number

  • Invoice affiliated lab

  • Invoice Owner

  • Payment number(s) or method(s) used on the invoice

  • Invoice status

  • Approval status

  • Actions that can be performed on the invoice

To narrow the list, invoices can be filtered through the panel located to the left of the invoice list.

Please note: the list of invoices on the invoice list view is comprised of all invoices in iLab with which you have access, including invoices from internal and external facilities.

Search and filter for invoices on billing events

You may view, search, and filter for a large number of invoices on the Invoices tab in Billing Events.  (Figure 2)

Figure 2: Search and filter on billing events.

Invoice filtering and search options

Filter options are available to help administrators select specific subsets of invoices.  These filter options are available on both the Invoices link and on a Billing Event - Invoices tab, and include the following filters:

  • Owner - The invoiced customer.

  • Owner Institution - The customer's Employer.

  • Cores - The core facility that invoiced the customer.

  • Labs - The customer's research group or designated fund owner group.

  • Billing Event - The billing activity the invoice was generated for

  • Payment Number - A list of payment numbers used on the invoices

  • External - If the invoice was from an external core facility

  • Approved By - Who approved the invoice

  • Approval Status - If the invoice is approved, required approval or does not require approval

  • Status - If the invoices is Paid, Partially Paid or Not Yet Paid

  • Dispute Status - If an invoices has been disputed and that dispute status

  • Detached - If an invoice is waiting for action and has be detached from an active billing event

  • Date Created - The date the invoice was created in iLab

  • Price Types - Search for invoices by customer price type.

  • Invoices Sent - Search for invoices that have been sent to invoice owners.

  • None (under Payment Information) - Filtering using this option will allow you to find invoices that are either completely or partially missing payment information for any of the line items within the invoice.

Actions on an invoice

The invoice actions available on the invoice list view will depend on your specific access level. From this page, facility administrators have the ability to perform the following actions for each invoice listed:  

  • Leave a comment on the invoice

  • Email the administrators that have access to the invoice

  • View the HTML invoice

  • Mark an invoice as paid

  • Approve an invoice (when applicable)  

Customer administrators can perform the following actions to applicable invoices, when on the invoice list view page (Figure 3):

Figure 3: Actions on an invoice.

  • Email facility administrators with access to the invoice
  • View the HTML invoice
  • Approve an invoice

Invoice emailing options and tracking

There are many options for email invoices.  On invoice list views, users can select to send bulk email invoices to applicable administrators or send individual invoices.  Invoice emails always include a current PDF copy on the invoice.  Core administration can track when emails have been sent, see an email history, and know when their customers require a hard copy of the invoice to be mailed to them.

Visual indicator of emails

On invoice list views, you will see a red square automatically displayed on the envelope icon next to an invoice if there is an associated email (or emails). (Figure 4)

Figure 4: Visual indicator of email

View email history of an invoice

You may click on the red envelope icon to view a history of all emails that have been sent pertaining to that invoice. This Emails Sent section helps to provide an internal audit trail that tracks email communications about an invoice. (Figure 5)

Figure 5: Email history

This functionality is available on both the Invoices List View link and on a Billing Event - Invoices tab.

Option for customers to receive physical copies of invoices

Core customers may now indicate whether they would like to receive physical hard copies of their invoices in addition to electronic versions. All invoices will continue to be sent electronically through iLab regardless of the status of this setting.

This setting is available to customer financial administrators and can be found within their Lab page under Group Settings and is labeled Invoice Print Preference. (Figure 6)

Figure 6: Invoice print preferences

Additionally,you may now filter for labs who would like to receive hard copies of their invoices. This filter is labeled Receive Hard Copy and is available on both the Invoices List View link and on the Billing Event Invoices tab.

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