what options do i have to standardize my billing for resource usage?

To create a new schedule, you first should click on the Schedule Equipment tab on the core's homepage, and then More > Add Schedule. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Access Add-on charges tool.

To set billing standards for the resource, click on the Billing tab under the resource settings. (Figure 1) 675

Figure 2: Billing


In this section, you may define standards for how usage on the resource should be billed. (Figure 3) 

Figure 3: Complete the Billing section.

Bill in time increments?: Select this setting if reservations should be billed in defined time increments set by the resources Time Step.

Round to nearest increment?: Select this setting if reservations should be rounded to the nearest defined increment set by the resources Time Step.

Time tracked in: Indicate whether time should be billed in hours or minutes.

Require payment information? Select this setting if the software should require billing information in order to be create reservation.

Require payment information for external users? Select this setting if the system should require billing information from external customers only in order to create a reservation.

Never charge? Select this setting if there are never charges applied for the usage of the resource.

Default charge policy: Define if the default charge policy usage should be charged by

  1. scheduled time - the time the customer reserved

  2. logged time - the amount of time the customer actually used

  3. maximum time - choose to charge for the longest amount of time whether it is the scheduled time, logged time or a combination of the two.

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