what roles can access and manage protocols

By default, any iLab institutional administrator may create, edit, and manage protocols and protocol settings in the system.

A new role has also been created in iLab called Protocol Administrator. A protocol administrator may create, edit, and delete protocols but does not have full access to other institutional or protocol settings. Protocol administrators are added through the institution’s Memberships tab. Only iLab team members or existing institutional admins may add protocol administrators to this list. (Figures 1 & 2)

Figure 1: Adding Protocol Administrators

Figure 2: Protocol Administrators

Core facility administrators and members may view internal protocols they have access to but cannot create or edit them.

Internal PIs may view their own protocols on both their lab page and on the Protocols page of a core they have access to, but they cannot create or edit protocols in the iLab system.

If enabled at the institution and protocol template level, external users may submit requests to a protocol administrator for their protocols to be added to the local institutional iLab protocol system. External users may subsequently edit their protocol submission if the protocol administrator denies their submission.

Designated Lab Members and Additional Members on a protocol may view the protocol but cannot create or edit protocols in iLab.

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