Cancellation Notifications

Role: Core Customers

The Cancellation Notifications feature allows a Core Customer to receive notifications via email when other core customers cancel scheduled reservations on selected calendars for the following thirty days. 

This allows a Core Customer with appropriate access to potentially book available time. It is not a guarantee of availability for all Core Customers and Cancellation Notifications may not be an option on all calendars. This is a setting that is determined by the Core Administrator and updated in the Schedule Settings. *Core Administrators, please see here for more details on Cancellation Notifications

Turning On Cancellation Notifications

Core Customers simply toggle ON the Cancellation Notification setting shown on each calendar's View Schedule interface. 

Core Customers will continue to be subscribed until the Cancellation Notification toggle is turned off.

Core Customers Receive Cancellations Notifications via Email

Core Customers who have turned on Cancellation Notifications per calendar are notified via their iLab email address when a reservation is cancelled.

This allows Core Customers with the appropriate access (ex: Training/Permissions, Access, Approvals, etc) to create a reservation during the now available time. It is important to note that other Core Customers are also receiving Cancellation Notifications and the available time may be taken by another customer in busy core facilities. 

The email includes the name of the calendar, the cancelled reservation time as well as a link to quickly access the calendar.

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