Upcoming Webinars

Core Administrators, Institution Administrators, Core Managers

iLab Webinars are hosted to provide information to our users around changing functionality and to allow our users to ask questions around these topics during the webinar.  Please visit us for updates on future webinars after the new year. If you have suggestions for future webinars, please email lisa.wong@agilent.com. 

Upcoming Webinars:

Kiosk Settings and Workflow

This webinar will cover the kiosk functionality, including editing settings. You will learn how to create a new reservation, start an existing reservation, extend time on a reservation and add in additional charges. You can access more on this subject on the following pages: Using Kiosk and Schedule Equipment.‍ ‍ This webinar is 30 minutes long. To register and view this webinar please click on the following link: Kiosk Webinar.




Wed., December 18th

1:00 pm ET


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