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Core Administrators, Institution Administrators, Core Managers

The iLab webinars are an additional resource available for those that have an interest in updating their iLab sites. To listen to a webinar, please register and join us on one of the dates below. We are rotating webinars monthly on the different aspects of editing and reporting within iLab. Webinars will focus on three different areas in the system.

  • Editing Calendars- Explore functionality around adding and editing calendars within the iLab interface. This will include setting up permission levels, editing an existing calendar(s), adding a new calendar(s), sorting your calendars, and editing kiosk settings. For additional information on calendar settings you can visit the Schedule Equipment‍ page.
  • Editing for Project Based Facilities-  This webinar will explore functionality around editing the iLab site. Covered topics include the About our Core tab, Project and Service Templates, and Custom Forms. More on these subjects can also be found on the following pages:  Editing About Our Core,‍ Editing Services ‍, Editing Service Request Templates,‍ and Custom Forms.‍    
  • Reporting- This webinar will explore functionality around reporting. Topics to be covered include creating a new report, filtering, and exporting reports. This webinar is directed towards core administrators and institution administrators but PIs may also find it helpful. Please also visit our article on Reporting.‍

Upcoming Webinars:




**All Webinars are at 1 PM ET

Wednesday, December 12th

Editing Calendars


Wednesday, December 19th

Editing for Project Based Cores including Custom Forms


Wednesday, January 9th

Reporting for Core Administrators and Institutional Administrators


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